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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Help writing query to return data if there are 4 consecutive holidays

SQL Apprentice Question
I need to write a query that returns data if an employee has taken four or
more consecutive holidays. I need to get the startdate and the employee name.
The employee works either a 4X10..or an 8X5 shift...
Also, the employee need not have an off only on Sat and Sun...Some of them
work on the weekends and have an off during the weekdays.

Also, I need to take into account the days employee is off (eg.Sat and Sun).

So if an employee is out Mon, Tues, Wed, Thu it shows that employee or if
the employee is out on Thu, Fri, Mon, Tues it also shows that employee...

Can anyone assist!

Celko Answers
Use a Calendar table which has the work days Julianized (consecutively
numbered). Google this newsgroup for examples.

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