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Monday, April 17, 2006

Bday dates revisited

SQL Apprentice Question

I'm trying to create a query that will tell me when someone's birth day is
approaching from my employee table. I tried Case When
Datediff(dd,b_day,getdate()) < 4 Then 'Remind' Else '' End As B_dayCk

Datepart(dd,b_day) - Datepart(dd,b_day) < 4 (This checks for the day but not
for the month). If I And or Or with Datepart(mm,b_day) - Datepart(mm,b_day)
< 0 doesn't work either.

I'm sure there's a simple way out of this. Can someone help pls.


Celko Answers
You already have a Calendar table, right? Of course you do; it is one
of the first things you put in a schema.

So add a column for "(n) business days in the future". This kind of
column is used to get due dates for business purposes, where n = {30,
60, 90, 120}; you just want to have (n=4) from your example.

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