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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Delete with inner join

SQL Apprentice Question
Is this the proper way of doing a join in a delete or update?
Is the a better way?
delete useraccount where useraccountid in (
select useraccountid
from UserAccount with (nolock )
inner join employee with (nolock) on employee.personId = UserAccount.PersonId
where EmployerId =66 )

Celko Answers

>> Is this the proper way of doing a join in a delete or update? <<

There is no proper way of oing a join in a delete or update; that
syntax is proprietary and subject to errors.

>> Is the a better way? <<

Assuming that you actually have more than one user account and that you
are concerned with the set of Personnel and not a single employee,
let's use names that follow ISO-11179 rules. You might be able to do

DELETE FROM UserAccounts
FROM Personnel AS P
WHERE UserAccounts.person_id = P.person_id
AND P.employer_id = 66);

This can use indexes instead of being forced to materialize a JOIN
result. You can drop the WITH (NOLOCK) options since a statement is
treated as a transaction. Think about predicates and not about
creating table. That is how we did data processing with scratch tapes
in the old days.

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