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Monday, July 03, 2006

Insertion and Updates on 20.000.000 tuples table.

SQL Apprentice Question
I have a table with 20.000.000 of tuples.
I have been monitoring the performance of the insertion and updates,
but not convince me at all.
The table have 30 columns, what and 12 of it, are calcultated column.

The test that i do was this:

1 Insertion with all the columns and calculing the calcultated columns
in the insertion sentence.

1 insertion and all the columns calculated in @vars..

1 insertion with the basic fields, and 10 updates.

And the result was that the last test was the most performant.

What is your opinion?

Celko Answers
Do not store calculations in a table. You can do the calculations in a
VIEW, in the application or in computed columns (a proprietary
shorthand) for a VIEW. This will save you disk space of course. It
will also run faster, since reading from a disk is very slow compared
to math done in main storage. But the real benefit is data integrity,
which your approach will destroy.

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